Celebrating UNSW Women

The Celebrating UNSW Women project celebrates the remarkable and diverse UNSW community by increasing the visibility of women across our built and virtual environments.

The Celebrating UNSW Women project has three phases: 

Phase 1 is the renaming of 17 buildings and spaces across UNSW's Kensington campus after women. 

Phase 2 is the creation of the Celebrating UNSW Women Trail across the Kensington and Paddington campuses, which includes the newly named buildings and spaces. 

Phase 3 is the development and implementation of a UNSW equitable naming policy. This will ensure there is an equitable, transparent process in the naming of buildings and spaces across UNSW in the future. 

Explore the Celebrating UNSW Women Trail below and find out more about the first women graduates of each faculty, the first woman Professor; the first woman Deputy Chancellor; the first Indigenous woman graduate; and many more trailblazing alumnae and staff including athletes, artists, and community leaders.

This is just the beginning – we will continue to add to the Women’s Trail each year.


Tips for using the virtual Trail:

• Use the filter tool above the map to filter by Trail stop   
• Use the search function on the right side of the map to search for a specific woman or building  
• Click on the woman’s profile to zoom into their location on the map  
• Zoom in and out of the map to see different stops on the Trail & zoom out to explore the Paddington campus   
• Use the rotation tool on the left side of the map to explore the Trail in 3D  
• Click Read more on each profile to learn more about each woman. 

The yellow line in the map is a suggested accessible route between stops. The green lines are campus entry/exit points. The map stops are numbered, but you are welcome to explore the Trail in any order you like!      

Renamed buildings and spaces


Previous nameNew name
F10 Chemical SciencesF10 June Griffith Building
H13 Red CentreH13 Anita B. Lawrence Centre
E19 Central Lecture BlockE19 Patricia O’Shane Building
Village Green grandstandMoya Dodd Grandstand 
Commerce CourtyardCatherine Harris Courtyard
International SquareEleonora Kopalinsky Lawn
Quadrangle Lawn Helen Maguire Lawn
Science LawnMerilyn Sleigh Lawn
Lecture Theatre G02 inside the CLBDiane Kell Theatre
Lecture Theatre G03 inside the CLBJudith Bullerwell Theatre
Lecture Theatre G04 inside the CLBVũ Nhị-Thủy Theatre
Lecture Theatre G05 inside the CLBClara Patricia Alfonso Theatre
Lecture Theatre G06 inside the CLBAnnada Gohain Theatre
Lecture Theatre 103 inside the CLBHelen Barry & Michele G. Blum Theatre
Lecture Theatre 104 inside the CLBPatricia Elizabeth Mutton Theatre
Lecture Theatre 105 inside the CLBGalina Sugowdz Theatre


Download a copy of the Celebrating UNSW Women Trail map here

Read the project FAQ sheet for more information on each phase of the Celebrating UNSW women project, including the renaming of UNSW buildings and spaces, the Celebrating UNSW Women’s Trail and the development of an equitable naming policy. 

Please email celebratingwomen@unsw.edu.au if you are having any issues with the virtual map or this website. 

Photos courtesy UNSW Archives, the selected women and their families.